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Hi! My name is Joanna and I am a: teacher, wife, mother, daughter, friend, colleague, reader, runner, lover of all things Wisconsin, and now...a blogger - a noun I never thought I’d attach to myself, until my wonderful colleague Paige approached me with the idea for this blog. I love the idea of being able to collaborate with teacher friends without the pressure of maintaining my own blog and I’m super excited to get started!

I have been teaching for 7 years. Over that span of time, I have worn many hats within the field of education - substitute teacher, special education assistant, 5th grade teacher, technology teacher and specialist, and most currently 4th grade teacher. I have been married to my husband, Jason (also a teacher) for 7 years and we have an almost 2-year-old daughter, Evelyn.

I love talking about issues and topics in education. It’s my career and passion. While there are seemingly infinite topics to discuss, these are a few that are close to my heart:

Incorporating Technology
I spent two years of my career teaching K-5 technology enrichment as well as serving as our school's technology integration specialist. I loved teaching students that technology was a tool for learning - more than just a fun machine to play games on! Now, back in the classroom, I still try to maintain this philosophy as much as possible and strive to use technology in meaningful ways with my students. My favorite experiment this year has been using Chromebooks through out the entire writing process during writing workshop! 
Another great find this year was Khan Academy. It is a free website with a whole host of programs. Currently, I use it with students for extra skill practice in math!

Other than reading, I don't give homework. A couple years ago I took a graduate course that really challenged and changed my philosophy on homework. Since then I feel like a bit of a renegade in regards to homework, but I feel it is what is best for my students! My students are expected to read every night - an amount of time or number of pages that we decide on together during reading conferences every trimester, but other than that they don't have much. I have eliminated my word study (spelling) homework for the last couple months of school and saw no decline in scores. I did the same with math and my students' progress is better than ever!

Yes, I am one of those teachers with 12 different pin boards dedicated to all types of educational subjects. I have gotten so many great ideas from follow educators sharing ideas with each other and I love being able to collect those ideas in one place! I'm sure as I continue this blogging journey, I will reference Pinterest again! Be sure to follow us on Pinterest!

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  1. Looking forward to hearing all kinds of tips and insights from you via this blog! I've used Khan Academy with my students and recommended it to many others. Have received lots of great feedback from students and families about it!


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