Meet Stacy

Hello! My name is Stacy Kay, and I am a fourth grade teacher.  I thought I might start out with 4 facts about me.  

  1. In college, I lived in a Scottish palace for 6 months.      
I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with an Elementary Education degree.  I studied abroad with the Wisconsin in Scotland program where we lived in Dalkeith Palace.  While I was there, I was able to spend some time in a couple of Scottish classrooms.   It was so interesting to see how the education system was run in another country.  Traveling was a key priority while I was there.  We visited the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Iceland, the Canary Islands (Spain), Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.  

2.  I have actually seen an egg fry on the sidewalk.
Although I grew up in Wisconsin, I moved to Phoenix, Arizona after college and spent seven years teaching in an inner city school.  I spent four years teaching 4th grade and three years teaching 5th grade.  While there, I was the Structured English Immersion classroom (ELL), Gifted Cluster classroom, and Special Education Cluster classroom.  Phoenix in August + Egg + Sidewalk = Cool Science Experiment.   

3.  I have had stints as a lion tamer, a doctor, and Swiper (from Dora the Explorer).
I have been married to my husband, Chris, for 8 years this summer.  We have two wonderful children, Lucas (Age 4) and Alba (Age 2).  My evenings are filled with a lot of imaginative play (see above “jobs”), puzzles, trips to the park, and lots of picture books.    

4.  Blogging scares me!
Will people actually want to hear what I have to say?  We are all “experts” in our students’ eyes, but how will that translate to adults?  This blog collaboration is perfect!  It gives me the ability to get my feet wet, but doesn't come with all the pressure with keeping up my own blog. I am so excited to start this adventure with my fellow bloggers on Our Elementary Lives!!

Here are two things I love that you might want to check out for your classroom:
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Donor’s Choose-  Every teacher has a classroom wish list the size of their arm.  Donor’s Choose is an organization with a website that allows teachers to post projects and materials they would like/need for their classroom.  Donors from all over the United States donate money to classrooms they feel would best benefit from their donation.  Donor’s Choose makes it really easy to find materials and submit projects. Projects actually get funded!!   

Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies-  Engagement is the key in getting students to grow academically.  Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies are tested and organized to maximize student involvement.  The strategies are based on the principle that all students need to have positive group experiences where all members are accountable and equal in their contribution.  This puts the learning in your students’ hands! Check out the video to learn more if you are interested: Kagan Informational Video

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  1. Love that you joined in on the fun! Can't wait to read what you share! So glad you joined the ST team!


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