4th Grade Memories

Fourth grade is the last year of elementary school for students in our district, which means the last weeks of our year are full of special events for our 4th graders to celebrate their time in elementary school and the new experiences that await them next year.

The end of the year unofficially begins with the district-wide 4th grade track meet. This event allows 4th graders from all over the district to compete and hang out for a day before they all go to school together in 5th grade. Other events that follow are a visit and tour of the school they are going to attend as 5th graders and a 4th grade celebration (dinner and dance) that our PTA sponsors. Students wear their class shirts and spend the night eating, dancing, and having a blast with their friends! At the end of celebration, students participate in an informal graduation ceremony.

The Front Page of our newspaper! (names blacked out)
In my classroom, we focus on celebrating and honoring our memories of elementary school by creating a classroom retrospective newspaper. Our last writing unit of the year is journalism, so we spend the last month of school writing news and sports features; interviewing teachers and peers; writing book reviews and editorials; and conducting surveys. The only rule is that their topics have to be about their time in elementary school! Students use Google Presentations to write their different articles. Then, we work together to choose at least one article to publish in the classroom newspaper that I compile. By doing it this way, students each have their own individual newspaper of their own articles AND a class newspaper containing the memories that others chose to write about. I hand out the finished newspaper on the last day of school. Students had a great time reading through their classmate’s articles and talking about the memories those articles sparked! It is my hope that they will hold onto these newspapers and remember their 4th grade class and experiences in elementary school.

If this is a project that you would like to try with your class, I have uploaded my Google Presentation template as a freebie to my Teachers Pay Teachers Store and I will be uploading lesson ideas later this summer!

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  1. I love the idea of journalism at the end of the year and newspaper to cap it off. I teach third, but I think I could use this same idea with a few tweaks. Thanks for sharing! What a great idea. :)


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