ABC Countdown

The end of a school year is an exciting time for everyone.  Our youngest learners are moving on to their next year, now ready to take on more challenges with all the skills and strategies they have acquired this year and a new group of learners is getting ready to come in.  
To celebrate all the hard work of a year, the Kindergarten team at our school does an ABC countdown to the end of the school year.  Each year we talk as a team and tweak it a little based on what worked well the year before or any new ideas we have for this year.  This is such a fun thing to do as a team because everyone brings such great ideas to the table.   Thank you Maria Elena, Niki, and Andrea for all your great ideas, support, and friendship.  I’m so lucky to work with such amazing educators!
The ABC Countdown is a great idea for any grade, not just Kindergarten.  It really helps to keep things fresh and exciting for the home stretch of a school year.  Make it your own by touching on things your class loves.
Below you will see our calendar for the last 26 days of school.  One of my teammates had the brilliant idea to color code the calendar to let families know when their Kindergartner needed to bring something or when volunteers or donations would be appreciated.
Perhaps you’ll want to do an ABC warm up next year to start the year or end your year with an ABC countdown.  
Hope you enjoy!

2015  Kindergarten ABC Countdown
to the Last Day of School
Your Kindergartner needs to bring something
Volunteers or donations appreciated
No School
May 4     A
Art Supplies day
May 5     B
Book day (bring in a favorite book from home)   
May 6     C
Caring Card day
May 7     D
Dinosaur day
May 8    E
Exercise day
May 11
No School for Kindergartners- Kindergarten Visitation
May 12     F
Frozen Yogurt
May 13   G
Game day          
May 14   H
Hat day
(wear a hat to school)
May 15   I
Insect day
May 18   J
Joke day (bring in a joke to share)
May 19    K
Kindness day
May 20    L
Lake Park day
(parent volunteers needed at 12:30-2:40)
May 21   M
Music day
May 22 N
News day
(show and tell)
May 25
No School
Memorial Day
May 26   O
Outdoor Writing Workshop day
May 27   P
Play Dough day
May 28   Q
Quiet day-Watch a Video
May 29   R
Read Outside day
June 1   S
Sidewalk Chalk day
June 2    T
Tea Party day
June 3     U
Udder-ly fantastic day
at the Farm!
(need parent chaperones)
June 4   V
Vegetable day
June 5   W
Water Play day
June 8 X
eXciting day (You’ll get to visit 1st grade today!)
June 9 Y
Yoga day
June 10      Z
Zip up your backpack and Zoom out of school!

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  1. I love your ABC countdown! That's adorable! I've never seen that one before. So cute! I got your message on TPT. Your store looks great!

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