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Wow, it sure has been awhile.  School kinda caught up to all of us this month.  Assessments, assessment meetings, new reading units of study, yada, yada, yada….  You all get it.  This teaching and blogging and life thing is just kinda hard to maintain.
This month’s theme is behavior and classroom management.  So we’re going to get started.  
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Yes, I DOJO!  And I just started this year which is why I’m asking for your help.  After searching for class dojo ideas (and finding a zillion), I’ve come to believe that the best way to get good, quality ideas is from you.

So here it what I’m proposing...If you know of a blog post, have written one of your own, or know a good pinterest link, please link up and share below.

As I have just started this year, it is very basic for me.  I have 4 behaviors that I award my students for and several negative behaviors that I take points for.  Once my students earn 25 points they get a reward from the Best Bee-havior Catalog (I have a bee theme).  So far, the kids really seem to buy in and I’ve already had most of my class earn 1 or even 2 rewards.

I know there are ways to be in contact with parents, take attendance, use a timer for transitions, etc. I just haven’t had the time to look into it.  So that’s why I need all of you, the best resource I have! 

Link up below with new or old posts.  I can’t wait to see what ideas you have for me!

Thank you fabulous teachers!

Happy teaching!

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