Primary Punchbowl: Using Sticky Notes for Interactive Read Alouds

Have you heard of the Primary Punchbowl?  Well, it is a collaborative blog by primary teachers that I am a part of.  It's a great group of ladies who have a wealth of knowledge and lots of resources and expertise to share.   

I was asked to join them this summer and couldn't be more excited that my first blog post was published earlier this month.  I did a post on using sticky notes for interactive read alouds.  

If you follow my TpT Store, FB or this blog, you know how I feel about sticky notes and interactive read alouds, two of my favorite things.  I'd love for you to go check out my post and comment or share your thoughts.

You can read it by clicking {here} or by clicking on the image below.  I hope you enjoy!  There is also a FREEBIE for you too.  Check it out! 

Thanks for your support and for checking out the Primary Punchbowl.  

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