How To Fit It All In: A First Grade Schedule

One of the most asked questions I get as I present at workshops is, "How do you fit it all in?"  Most of my presentations or workshops focus on interactive read alouds and shared reading, things that are often "left out" of a daily schedule.  While I'm presenting I'm usually reiterating the importance of making room for these in your schedule on a daily basis and participants always want to know how I fit it all in.  Well today, folks, I'm here to show you how it can be done and how not to "leave out" those vital components of balanced literacy. 

St. Patrick's Day Interactive Read Aloud & STEM Challenge

Do you know the book, How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace?  It's the cutest book for March and St. Patrick's Day.  You're going to love it!  Keep reading to find out how to use this book for an Interactive Read Aloud and STEM Challenge your students are also going to love!
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