St. Patrick's Day Interactive Read Aloud & STEM Challenge

Do you know the book, How to Catch a Leprechaun by Adam Wallace?  It's the cutest book for March and St. Patrick's Day.  You're going to love it!  Keep reading to find out how to use this book for an Interactive Read Aloud and STEM Challenge your students are also going to love!
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Interactive Read Aloud

This book is seriously just the cutest!  The Leprechaun does everything he can to get past all the traps the kids set.  It's perfect for introducing the STEM challenge that goes along with this resource.  As with all of my other Interactive Read Alouds (IRAs), this one is no different, it touches on a TON of common core standards and reading skills necessary for learning to read.

Skills included:
  • Building schema/background knowledge
  • Vocabulary
  • Predicting
  • Retelling
  • In-depth comprehension
  • Using picture clues

This resource includes:
As with all of my Interactive Read Aloud resources, this one includes all of the same things: 
  • Planner
  • Sticky note printables
  • Print and cut notes
  • Vocabulary
  • In-depth comprehension
  • Building background knowledge and comprehension support mini-charts
  • Retelling and reading connection worksheets 
All of this for 2 complete read alouds.  Interested in learning more about my Interactive Read Alouds?  Check out these posts to learn more: Chrysanthemum or My Mouth is a Volcano.
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Here are the planners for both read alouds.  The red is for vocabulary instruction.  Each planner includes the page numbers, type of stopping and interaction and in-depth comprehension questions to support your readers.
These sticky notes are probably the best part!  Every IRA of mine includes a template and detailed directions for printing on sticky notes.  Just print, stick these in the book on the correct page, and you are ready for your read aloud.  Don't worry about paying attention to the planner as you read, just print on these are you are ready to go!  If you're not so sure about printing on sticky notes, or don't have the time, I have another option for you.  In this IRA, and all of my others, there are print and cut notes.  Use them as bookmarks for when you read.  Just print, cut apart and place in the book on the correct page.  Easy, peasy.   

Also included are vocabulary cards for 2 words, mini-charts to support background knowledge and comprehension as well as retelling and reading connection worksheets for your students.   
We love completing these retelling worksheets with all the different trap ideas.  It really helps them with the STEM challenge.

STEM Challenge

Now, moving onto the best part of this Interactive Read Aloud.  Included with this one is a Leprechaun trap STEM Challenge and everything you need to do it successfully in your classroom.  I've done this with my firsties and they ABSOLUTELY love it! 

About a week before St. Patrick's Day or whenever you're going to do your STEM challenge I tell my students to start bringing in things they might want to use to make a leprechaun trap.  I also typically send a quick note home (via Seesaw, my choice for parent communicatoin) telling parents a little bit about what we're doing. 

Included are teacher directions, STEM challenge directions, leprechaun to color, planning and post-challenge worksheets.  
After reading the book, I have my students start thinking about their trap ideas and bring in the supplies they may night.  I supply things like tape, glue, yarn and anything else I might have that they might want.   
I typically plan a couple days for thinking about their trap and bringing in what they need, especially over a weekend so they can go out and get things if desired.  I do emphasize just bringing in things they may already have from home but some students have specific ideas of things they need.

Then it's trap making day.  I have them color their leprechaun and get started on making their trap.  I typically give them 45-60 minutes.  Most can get pretty involved and I want to make sure I give them enough time.  
Here's the leprechaun, getting ready to be trapped.  
You could have students work with partners, but I've always had them work independently.  I also explain that the trap must actually do something to "trap" the leprechaun. 

Here are some of my favorite traps:
Here's a video too!  
Once they have made their trap, taken a picture or video tapped it onto Seesaw, I have them complete their worksheet explaining what their trap actually looks like and the materials they use.
Once we're done, they get sent home to catch leprechauns at home. 

My students are truly so engaged during the read aloud knowing it will help them with the STEM challenge.  They are typically very engaged during IRAs, but the STEM challenge put a whole new twist on listening to the book.  They want to get any tips or tricks they can to make the best trap.  

As always pin and share with others.  
I hope you and your students have fun with this!  It's one of my most popular Interactive Read Alouds and so fun for St. Patrick's Day.  Please let me know if you have any questions or need help setting it up.  You can email me at 

Until next time, happy reading and trap making. 🍀

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